Welcome to the Year of the Ox! All you slow meditative pokes better snap out of it and
brace for a busy calendar filled with prosperity and opportunities. It's the time for shaking
hands, kissing cheeks, polishing connections, embarking on new job prospects and wild
escapades. So we've crafted just right blessing smudge to lead your way and keep up with
your quicksilver pace. Inspired by a Pablo Neruda poem and ancient south American sacred
rituals our smudge is mindfully designed to create an atmosphere that awakens the senses,
calms the nerves and the illuminates way.

Count on the noble sage for this good fortune and clarity initiation, a plant that is revered
for it's ability to purify, protect and uplift your spirit and raise your vibration. It's a
mysterious smell that brings to mind driving through the mountains with your windows
down. It packs an intense punch and sillage but this green, soft spicy, aromatic scent in
itself is divine. Just shake that turkey feather with a swagger to help the mystical fumes rise
and tame the negativity beast...

We've placed this mini sheer force of nature to rest on an iridescent abalone shell, a
powerful holistic tool to connect ocean and earth and carry your message up to the gods
above. And it will all subtly and gracefully fit in your purse.

Whenever you feel lodged at a crossroad, start a new project or unforeseen travel, be your
own shaman and chase away negative energies clearing the path and paving it with joy,
courage and openness.

Let this entire year be an electrifying journey on which no possible path should go
unexplored. Motivate and bless that go-getter mindset of yours, because you well know
you're the most adventurous soul on the Astrological wheel.


This is a ballsy bunch for sure:
White Sage Cutie
Mini Abalone Shell
Turkey Feather
Mini Tripod


***Protect your castle and never leave a burning smudge or incense unattended. While
we're good with smoke signals, there are simpler ways to get in touch and answer your
questions. Hit that magical Message Seller button and I'll get back to you as soon as

Sacred Sage and Abalone Travel Smudge Kit