That pesky Mercury must be in Retrograde again...Your movements look somewhat
staccato, with little flow or passion and you're not exactly disposed to deliver?
Compliant attitude, apathy to commitment, emotional exhaustion, overwhelming stress,
a crumbling relationship, a broken heart...It can be anything and we've all been there.
You've been lenient with this disconnect and spiritual depletion for too long so we've
carefully prepared a sacred smudging kit designed to still and soothe your mind and
get you back at working the room with edgy enthusiasm once again.

For those who have previously enjoyed the smell of Palo Santo, you are aware of its
singular memorable smell -a mossy balsamic, citrusy, minty but dry wood scent that
has a natural sense of smoke built into its every tissue. Rich, sexy, vivacious and
utterly unforgettable, the rose- this queen of flowers, knows no boundaries and has
inspired those in creative arts for centuries. Touching its soft and pretty petals is like
rolling around in love. Add the calming, resilient, harmony bearing rose quartz to the
spell and they will swirl together into a powerful purification blend.

Let's kick that blockage into its proverbial behind, chase away anxiety and establish
order and calm for a professionally and spiritually fulfilled lifestyle.  Take it all back: the charm, the smile, the confidence, the awe of energy, the fresh and
wholesome presence with that mischief signature twinkle in your eyes.


Here's our bunch of earthly delights to pierce the heaven's door:
Palo Santo Stick
Rose Quartz Crystal
Rose Petals


***Use responsibly, don't be that ditz who leaves burning smudges or incense unattended.
While we're good with smoke signals, there are simpler ways to get in touch and answer
your questions. Hit that magical Message Seller button and I'll get back to you as soon as

Palo Santo+Rose+Rose Quartz