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A story of freakishness

Zodiac Freak is a cosmic wonderland of discovery and exploration, where we specialize in natural hand-crafted, high vibration goods (smudging sticks, essential oil sprays, oil blends, and bath salts) for the mind, body, and spirit.  

Creator + Owner, Melissa Richardson has always had a love for astrology, hence the name Zodiac Freak.   Much like psychology, astrology helps us understand ourselves and others betters and much cheaper than therapy.  So, Melissa started Zodiac Freak in 2017, initially as an online network for astrology enthusiasts and novices to connect.  

Managing a start-up, while working in corporate America with looming deadlines, conflict at the office and long hours, Melissa knew stress was inevitable, but she also knew it was manageable.  Melissa wanted a natural, holistic and cost-efficient approach to managing stress.   Soon after, she started dabbling into other metaphysical concepts, like aromatherapy using essential oils and herbs and crystal healing.

It became so embedded into her life, that she began to pass her recipes and knowledge to others. If someone were going through a breakup or buying a new home, she’d put together a sage kit to burn; Having a rough day? She would create a calming bath bomb/salt to help them relax.  After a while, the products became so favored, that she decided to incorporate them into the business.  

Since then,  Melissa has been featured on several news programs, such as Great Day Washington and Let's Talk Live.  She’s participated as one of the official vendors for the Broccoli City Festival (2019) and Capital Jazz Festival (2019).  Zodiac Freak recently launched our first planner, which was featured on BossBabe list of 23 Gifts for Any Boss Babe.


I'm an astrology enthusiast, a holistic wellness junkie and my obsession is helping others incorporate a little self-care in their busy schedules. 

Sign:  Sagittarius (Sag dominate - 5 planets)

Rising:  Scorpio

Fave Planet:  Jupiter & Neptune

Guilty Pleasure:  Dateline

How I Relax:  Queening Bath Salts, candles & a drink.

Fave Books:  The Alchemist and Circe

Best Concert:  Hard Knock Life Tour & Anita Baker Farewell Tour

Concert Bucketlist:  Sade

Plant Mom:  Two Orchids & Succulent 

Wish They Would Bring Back:  90's Nickelodeon 

Biggest Accomplishments:  Pushing for my goals and dreams every day, even with BIG losses, is a huge accomplishment.  

​Advice on Entrepreneurship:  Just do it!