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For thousands of years, humans have utilized herbs for their medicinal, spiritual, cultural rituals and aromatic pleasures.  It's no wonder, the sense of smell is the strongest of the five senses and the only one directly connected to our brain.   Scientifically, aromatherapy activates smell receptors in the nose which sends signals to areas in the brain that regulate the body’s reactions to emotion and stress.  

Just think about how smelling something foul makes you feel sick to your stomach, or smelling something as soft and pleasant as lavender, makes you feel calm and relaxed.  

Zodiac Freak incorporates self-care with natural, aromatic ingredients to create high vibe goods that promote peace and wellness of the mind, body and spirit. 





hey loves!

Creative, Astrology Enthusiast, Self-Care Junkie, Multitasker, Auntie and Friend who is BIG on protecting the peace.  

Sign:  Sagittarius 

Fave Title:  Auntie

Fave Planet:  Jupiter & Neptune

Guilty Pleasure:  Dateline

How I Relax:  Lavender Bath Salts, candles & a drink.

Fave Books:  The Alchemist and Circe

Best Concert:  Hard Knock Life Tour & Anita Baker Farewell Tour

Concert Bucketlist:  Sade

Wish They Would Bring Back:  90's Nickelodeon 

Biggest Accomplishments:  Pushing for my goals and dreams every day.

​Advice on Entrepreneurship:  Just do it!




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