A story of freakishness

Zodiac Freak is a cosmic wonderland of discovery and exploration, where we combine self-care with natural, high vibe ingredients.  Our wellness line encourages healing and well being for the mind, body & spirit.





I'm an astrology enthusiast, a holistic wellness junkie and my obsession is helping others incorporate a little self-care in their busy schedules. 

Sign:  Sagittarius (Sag dominate - 5 planets)

Rising:  Scorpio

Fave Planet:  Jupiter & Neptune

Guilty Pleasure:  Dateline

How I Relax:  Queening Bath Salts, candles & a drink.

Fave Books:  The Alchemist and Circe

Best Concert:  Hard Knock Life Tour & Anita Baker Farewell Tour

Concert Bucketlist:  Sade

Plant Mom:  Two Orchids, Succulent, Fiddle Leaf Fig

Wish They Would Bring Back:  90's Nickelodeon 

Biggest Accomplishments:  Pushing for my goals and dreams every day, even with BIG losses, is a huge accomplishment.  

​Advice on Entrepreneurship:  Just do it!




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