A Story of Freakishness

ORGANIC HOMEMADE BATH & BODY PRODUCTS, AROMATHERAPY BLENDS AND PURIFYING HERBAL SMUDGES crafted with soul under the moonlight and occasionally even under a lucky star.


What are you doing for yourself today?


We know what it means to fiercely protect one's internal peace regardless if it's a hard day or an entire rough season. We're here to help you cast away negative emotions and remind you to shun all toxic thoughts, stop your mind from racing and restore your body: be that through burning sacred sage or crystal energizing, a pampering foot soak, a soothing hot bath or an insanely fragrant essential oil therapy session.


No matter if you are a dynamic Aries, a maverick Libra, a sensitive Pisces or a workaholic Cap- we've got you all astro-beasts covered. Give yourself a break, spread light and the dark will dissipate by itself.  Do whatever makes your soul shine! Order your DOSE OF CALM now and stay tuned by following our shop for a constellation of new soul melting products to come.





hey loves!

A herbal remedies connoisseur, long hot baths enthusiast and you've guessed it...a zodiac freak! Being born under the mightiest planet's protection I always take my rightful place in the winner's circle. I'm ambitious, vividly glamorous and fiery yet genuinely down to earth. I wholeheartedly believe in hard work, women empowerment and family, as well as in the art of taking it down a notch. I can definitely show you a thing or two about relaxing both body and mind, so see you around my shop!

Creative, Astrology Enthusiast, Self-Care Junkie, Multitasker, Auntie and Friend who is BIG on protecting the peace.  

Sign:  Sagittarius 

Fave Title:  Auntie

Fave Planet:  Jupiter & Neptune

Guilty Pleasure:  Dateline + HGTV

How I Relax:  Lavender Bath Salts, candles & a drink.

Fave Books:  The Alchemist and Circe

Best Concert:  Hard Knock Life Tour & Anita Baker Farewell Tour

Concert Bucketlist:  Sade

Wish They Would Bring Back:  90's Nickelodeon 

Biggest Accomplishments:  Pushing for my goals and dreams every day.

​Advice on Entrepreneurship:  Just do it!