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Accountability partner in your hand

The Zodiac Freak Planner is designed to help you plan and manage your life by creating goals that align with your ideal life, practice gratitude, implement positive habits, plus reflect on the past to see what lies ahead and what is no longer serving you.  

smudge it!

Whether you're buying a new house or going through a breakup, our 6-piece sage smudging kits will help you cleanse away any negative unwanted energy, while preserving all the good.  


We pride ourselves on our commitment to wellness, inspire, and helping our community of supporters and beyond.  Our products are handcrafted and made with the best natural ingredients for an authentic and holistic approach to self-care. 

“I love Zodiac Freak and everything that the company stands for! Melissa truly delivers good vibes in every way. I love that I can practice self-care through salt baths and essential oils. ”

fawn, Washington, d.c.





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